Friday, June 2, 2017

An In-House Labor of Love


Jeff 4 6.2

Jeff is doing a fabulous job modeling just ONE section of what will be a 46-foot long clad wood curtain wall!

On these huge units, our team goes the extra mile by in-house assembling the entire composite, ensuring a clean, tight & precise fit.

And as soon as they get the unit perfectly assembled, they need to have it completely disassembled for shipment to its final destination. A true labor of love.

While this is a time consuming step (and takes a lot of shop floor space at times!), factory assembling prior to delivery helps prevent any major problems or issues that could arise on-site if a proper pre-check was not performed.

To sweeten the pot even more, Grabill also offers an optional service for technical assistance on-site.  This would entail a service technician to travel to your project site, give clear direction, and offer best Grabill product installation practices for pivot doors, lift & slide doors, or any large site-assembled composites such as this. While the Grabill service tech is not responsible for completing the installation, they provide the construction team with a wealth of installation knowledge.


We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity; Built to Last.

For more information on Grabill Windows & Doors, please visit us online or call us directly at 810-798-2817.


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