Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wood: Timeless Beauty

Gilbert Edited for SM

This exquisitely crafted residence has all the classic beauty and charm of a traditional home with the perfect blend of modern details.

Mahogany casement and awning windows with true divided lite configuration can be found throughout. A robust mahogany entry door welcomes guests at the front while a luxurious lift and slide door to the rear patio opens fully to expand the interior out.

The flush track sliding door system offers the lowest profile available, creating a seamless transition to the outdoors. French doors, custom wood screens and stylish hardware accentuate the architecture to creating inviting spaces and timeless elegance.

We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity; Built to Last.

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Gilbert_014Lift and Slide Door with Flush Track

Friday, June 2, 2017

An In-House Labor of Love


Jeff 4 6.2

Jeff is doing a fabulous job modeling just ONE section of what will be a 46-foot long clad wood curtain wall!

On these huge units, our team goes the extra mile by in-house assembling the entire composite, ensuring a clean, tight & precise fit.

And as soon as they get the unit perfectly assembled, they need to have it completely disassembled for shipment to its final destination. A true labor of love.

While this is a time consuming step (and takes a lot of shop floor space at times!), factory assembling prior to delivery helps prevent any major problems or issues that could arise on-site if a proper pre-check was not performed.

To sweeten the pot even more, Grabill also offers an optional service for technical assistance on-site.  This would entail a service technician to travel to your project site, give clear direction, and offer best Grabill product installation practices for pivot doors, lift & slide doors, or any large site-assembled composites such as this. While the Grabill service tech is not responsible for completing the installation, they provide the construction team with a wealth of installation knowledge.


We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity; Built to Last.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Aluminum Clad Metropolitan Retreat


This stunning Michigan residence is adorned with an Architectural Windowsaluminum clad exterior and sapele mahogany interior.


With the use of common mulls, we create the look of a floating wall with the front entry design, and the rear facade features floor to ceiling windows surrounding the entire room. 

We enjoyed crafting the windows and doors with the homeowner’s design intent in mind, and love the final outcome: a warm and inviting space!

We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity. Built to Last.



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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Making Finish Look Easy


Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with some of Grabill’s Finish Department Team Members, who have the crucial role in John in Final Assemblyproviding a consistent and quality finish on every unit that leaves our shop. Now I thought I knew enough when it came to finish (well, enough to be dangerous), but I was so wrong.

Meet John Wnuk. John is a jack of all trades here at Grabill, with his main focus of work in the Finish Department.  He and his team of finish experts shared some highlights of their positions, and provided a little insight into the finish world.

Q: What is involved in your finish process, and what are the most important factors when it comes to finish prep?

John 1A: The finish process varies between the material type chosen and finish type chosen for the job. For example, one of our current projects involves a five-step hand patina process. The number of steps involved is derived from the custom color desired by the client. Since each project is different, our team does a lot of work developing and testing finishes for the client, and after a couple of rounds (sometimes more), we arrive at a finish they just love.

As far as finish prep, it is an extremely critical part of the process. It’s most important to NOT MISS ANYTHING, which is as difficult as it sounds. When working with the patina finish, gloves are needed to keep all surfaces clean and free from oils. As a general rule of finish, time is always of the essence, and certain finish types require us to be even John 9more time conscious.

Q: Are there certain types of wood that you prefer to use solely because of their finishing qualities?

A: Personally, we all kind of like the rustic look, so we don’t mind the wood with knots and imperfections. In general though, any type of hardwoods are very easy to work with when it comes to finish, but we work with both softwoods and hardwoods.

Q: What are some of the biggest highs/lows when working with finish?

A: One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when we hear that the first truck has arrived on site and the clients are ECSTATIC about the finish. That kind of feedback makes it all worth it. One challenge involves matching someone else’s color, as it takes a great deal of R&D to arrive at that exact color.

We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity; Built to Last.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

 We're in the business of sweating the small stuff.     Ryan's team in the mill hand-picks the wood for every project, piece-by-piece; it's just one step that       makes a world of difference.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Grabill's 'One of a Kind' Mentality with Entry Doors

At Grabill, we know the value in being ‘one of a kind’ - and a home’s entry door is no exception.

In every project, we believe that the entry door should be as unique as the owners themselves. Whether the design features modern, crisp lines, or more intricate, traditional style- Grabill works to deliver on every detail.

Our pivot and swing doors are available in all-wood, aluminum clad, bronze clad, & steel-with a multitude of finishing options to consider with each. Have a wild idea or a door?
Check out some of the features we offer:

·         Mortise and tenon joinery
·         Door frames have stainless steel screws and         are rabbeted and glued for structural integrity
·         Monumental pivot doors with state-of-the-art hardware
·         In-house production of veneers to ensure grain match
·         Custom jamb depths with no added components
·         Common mulled systems with ultra-thin profiles and minimal site lines
·         Factory finishes with custom color matching for paints and stains
·         Multiple wood and split species
·         Wood, brass, aluminum and low profile sills
·         Numerous glass options including triple glazing and high impact
·         Premium line of custom hardware and finishes
·         Roll screens or wood/metal framed screens with variety of screen fabrics
·         Engineered core stiles and rails for enhanced structure and security
·         Maximum design flexibility
·         Residential, commercial and historic replica

We strive for our client’s satisfaction, and want to make sure your entry is welcoming, warm-and everything you wanted it to be.

We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity. Built to Last.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Custom Glass Solutions to Fit Your Space

There are so many items to consider when it comes to finding the best glass solution for your space. Today, glass suppliers carry a multitude of coatings and tints-weaving the newest technology into everything they do. At Grabill, we work to ensure that our client's vision comes to life-even when it comes to  glass specification.

Smart Glass
There is a world of possibility when it comes to glazing options for the modern home – but smart glass “clearly” looks to be a leading choice.  Clean lines, minimalist style and awe-inspiring views are the perfect backdrop for smart glass.  The latest product is self-tinting.  No need for electrical components or wires – this is a thermochromic technology that uses the suns intensity to continuously transition the glass.   Much like transition lenses – just on an extremely large scale.  The technology can be used on single, double and triple pane glass and can be combined with different Low-e coatings to provide optimal energy efficiency. 

Ultra-Clear Low-Iron Glass
Standard glass contains a level of iron oxide that gives the glass a greenish hue. For those who desire the most impeccably clear glass on the market, Grabill Windows and Doors has the perfect solution. Low-iron glass...allowing for astonishingly clear, flawless glass in any of our custom products.

Self-Cleaning Glass
Self-cleaning glass is just one of the limitless options available on a Grabill custom window or door.  This unique glass consists of a titania based coating that sheets rain water containing dirt away, and it also chemically breaks down dirt when exposed to UV light.  Minimal maintenance is required for such glass, as nature itself does the cleaning through precipitation and sunlight. 

Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass is the perfect solution for areas of the home, such as: bathrooms, shower enclosures, home theaters-and more. This innovative glass actually transforms from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch.  Privacy glass is available in cutout, curved, and shaped pieces-and can be incorporated into our custom windows and doors.

We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity; Built to Last.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Selecting the Perfect Material Type for your Window & Door Project

 At Grabill Windows and Doors, we don't believe in 'one size fits all.' To us, nothing is standard, and the next project is never the same as the one before. With so many choices in product type, finishes, & materials, it is comforting to know that our highly knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the entire process - from deciding on the appropriate glazing specification to choosing the perfect hardware finish.

All of our material types - from clad to steel - highlight unique characteristics & differentiators that make them leaders in their prospective markets.

Get to know: Steel

Grabill Steel has been designed by our own Grabill team, and is a hybrid like you've never seen before. Featuring an aluminum or bronze clad exterior and steel interior, its tubular design and thermally broken frame make it both beautiful and functional. Grabill Steel can tackle projects where large, monumental openings with maximum views are desired.

Classic Steel captures the designs of yesterday with the manufacturing technology of today. Grabill has incorporated a thermally broken frame into the traditional, European-style steel windows and door design. The galvanized steel exterior and painted steel interior create a very historically accurate look.

Get to know: Clad

Our Aluminum and Bronze Clad product lines fuse the strength of clad with the beauty of wood, with a clad exterior and premium wood interior. Our heavy duty extruded aluminum cladding contains over 90% recycled material, is locally produced, and can be anodized or powder coated in virtually any color to create a crisp, clean look. The traditional styling of bronze cladding can be complete with a hand-rubbed patina finish.

Get to know: Wood

Our all-wood product line ensures a timeless, classic look for decades to come. Our highly flexible design options include historic preservation, traditional, European, and contemporary styles. Grabill meets and exceeds energy star standards for energy efficiency and offers green and sustainable FSC certified wood options, including Mahogany, Teak, White Oak, Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus, Spanish Cedar or as specified.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we are committed to client satisfaction every step of the way. While there are many material types to consider in your window and door project, we are always here to ensure that the end result exceeds your every expectation.

We are Grabill, and we are Built with Integrity; Built to Last.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Minimal Corner Glazing on Lakeshore Residence

Okay, Michigan had gorgeous weather this past weekend, which makes us just a little (okay a LOT a) bit excited for summer, the lake, and a little R&R.

This modern lakeshore home in beautiful Iwannah, Michigan, incorporates the best of both worlds: the strength and weather resistance of extruded aluminum for the exterior, and the warmth of handcrafted wood for the interior.


Oversized windows with minimal corner glazing allow for unobstructed views of the beachfront with a seamless appearance. This glazing technique is used in several of our projects, and really makes it difficult to distinguish whether you are outside or inside at any given time; the views are impeccable.

Directly above the shores of picturesque Lake Michigan, this impressive estate includes several triple wide lift and slide units containing two operable panels. The stunning windows in this estate provide show stopping views of the lakefront home’s beautiful surroundings.


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Grabill Steel- Our Unique Hybrid


Shop Photo 2

It has already been a busy start to 2017 here at Grabill-from the quoting department to final assembly!


We love when products reach the final assembly stage, and we can tie a bow on the project. Most recently, we have a Grabill Steel project getting ready to make its way to our client.



Our Grabill Steel product is a unique hybrid; featuring a thermally broken frame, with a tubed steel interior & aluminum clad exterior. The substantial frame allows for large pieces of glass, and the aluminum clad offers the flexibility of many different finish options!

Shop Photo 1 Shop Photo 3

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