Friday, September 30, 2011

Kalamein custom Bronze doors

cropped bronze doors

Grabill products will be ready to greet the arrivals at the luxury hotel these doors will soon adorn.  The doors are complete with custom hardware that not only makes a statement, but compliments the grand architecture of this building. The craftsmen at Grabill created 2 pairs of simulated divided lite entry doors with Grabill fabricated custom muntin bar details. Standing at 102” high, these doors are constructed of FSC certified mahogany fully wrapped in premium bronze and finished with a hand-rubbed medium patina.  For more information on Grabill premium doors and windows, please visit our website.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wood vs. clad….what to use for your architectural windows

Are you in the decision process of  choosing all wood or clad on your project?  Wood and clad products have their own qualities that make each of them unique and when the final decision is made… just need to weigh the options and choose what best fits your likes, needs and budget.  Check out the list below that highlights the attributes of each.

WOOD mahogany
  • Unlimited shapes and designs
  • Multiple product options
  • Ability to match architectural/historical details
  • Less expensive (in most cases, depending on wood/window type)
  • True divided lites or simulated divided lites
  • Common mullions

ALUMINUM CLAD 1016174928_355theridge_0049
  • Minimal exterior maintenance
  • Limited shapes
  • Greater choice of interior wood species and finish options
  • Profiles can be made to match
  • Clad can be color matched or annodized
  • Painted aluminum allows for field touch up
  • Simulated divided lites with narrow muntin bars
  • Great for oversized window walls, modern contemporary designs
  • Narrow profiles offer large glass openings and common mullions
  • Premium high end with higher price point than all wood
BRONZE CLAD389 Ridge Road 032
  • Minimal exterior maintenance
  • Limited shapes
  • Highly durable weather resistant exterior
  • Custom patina bronze offers an "Old World" look or modern
  • Great for oversized window walls, modern contemporary designs 
  • Narrow profiles offer large glass openings and common mullions
  • Exclusive high end product

Grabill offers full service design, engineering and technical support. Please call or E-mail us direct if you need more information on our products or have questions. 

For more information on Grabill custom window and door products, please visit our website.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hardware 1

Brass lever-actuated, pivot hardware

Are you looking for historically accurate pivot hardware?  Grabill can help. 

Recast based on 1923 pivot hardware by  Grant Pulley & Hardware Co., NY.   Engineered to withstand additional  weight of todays high performance glass.

Steel Building 2
Developed for the renovation of the Denver Steel Building in 2008, these windows utilize the historical pivot window hardware shown above.  This hardware was recreated to mirror the original pieces and operates exactly as it had in 1923.  136 windows in this downtown Denver project have the unique hardware.
Grabill engineered several modifications during the reproduction process that included the ability to carry a heavier weight and to offer improved function with the use of ball bearing rollers.  The pivot hardware lifts the sash off the weather seal,  then rotates while still clearing the sill.  This lever actuated pivot can be cast in brass or bronze.  Although it was only reproduced with one lever style, custom matching is available on request.

 For more information on Grabill products, visit our website.

Image for Oct 2010 Issue

Monday, September 12, 2011

in progress: leelanau county

Sp 1

Grabill has been actively involved in the renovations of a Northern Michigan lakeshore lodge.   Tight vertical grain Douglas Fir windows and doors have been produced to highlight this 100 year old log home.  In-swing casements with mortise and tenon pegged construction combined with concealed roll screens have seamlessly merged the 1900’s with 2011.  These historical windows are a glimpse of the past with all the features of contemporary windows of today.

SP 2


The in-swing casements shown above consist of a diamond pattern while the sliders to the right have the cottage pattern.  These are significant features in this project and will play a major role in defining the end look of this historic lodge.   For more information on Grabill Products please visit us at www.grabillwindow. com.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

michigan lakeshore home

This beautiful residence is right here in our home state of Michigan.  It adorns the lakeshore and is just minutes from Good Morning Americas, “Most Beautiful Place in America” – Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  Grabill’s full lite inswing single and double doors allow for spectacular sunset views across Lake Michigan !  There are numerous window types throughout the house, including triple casement, fixed oval, operable round pivot, and both fixed and operable tilt-turn casement round tops.  For more information on Grabill Window and Doors, please visit