Monday, September 19, 2011


Hardware 1

Brass lever-actuated, pivot hardware

Are you looking for historically accurate pivot hardware?  Grabill can help. 

Recast based on 1923 pivot hardware by  Grant Pulley & Hardware Co., NY.   Engineered to withstand additional  weight of todays high performance glass.

Steel Building 2
Developed for the renovation of the Denver Steel Building in 2008, these windows utilize the historical pivot window hardware shown above.  This hardware was recreated to mirror the original pieces and operates exactly as it had in 1923.  136 windows in this downtown Denver project have the unique hardware.
Grabill engineered several modifications during the reproduction process that included the ability to carry a heavier weight and to offer improved function with the use of ball bearing rollers.  The pivot hardware lifts the sash off the weather seal,  then rotates while still clearing the sill.  This lever actuated pivot can be cast in brass or bronze.  Although it was only reproduced with one lever style, custom matching is available on request.

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Image for Oct 2010 Issue

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  1. That's an interesting piece of information about historically accurate pivot hardware! It's great to see companies like Grabill preserving the design and functionality of pivot hardware from the past.

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