Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays from Grabill

With the holidays upon us, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our good friends, customers, and those of you who are new to us.  There could be no time more fitting to say "thank you" for making our business possible.  We would like to wish you a holiday season and new year that is overflowing with all the good things in life!
Enjoy this time with your families and we look forward to working with you in 2011.

Tammy, Teresa, Elizabeth, Mickey and the staff of Grabill Windows and Doors

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Years and Counting

Dan Mento has been overseeing the shop at Grabill for nearly a decade.   He is the first to arrive and the last to leave each and every day.  Dan is the go-to-guy for any production related questions and takes great pride in seeing a job through from start to finish.  He is not only a skilled craftsmen in making windows and doors, he also makes acoustic and electric guitars and long bows.  One day he had the idea he wanted to make a guitar.....SO HE DID!  That is just how he operates, a vision can become reality in very little time - and that is a great attribute to have.  Outside of his second home at Grabill, Dan is an avid outdoorsman with with a great love of hunting.  He's been a board member of the North Macomb Sportsmens Club for 16 years and has traveled to Montana, Nebraska and Newfoundland, Canada hunting deer, antelope and caribou. You can be sure of one thing - whatever Dan is doing  - he is giving it his all!! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Product Info: Sinker Cypress Windows and Doors

Windows Photo Gallery Wallpaper - Copy - Copy (800x546)
The vacation home shown above incorporates both, sinker cypress windows and doors, into its stylish architecture.   This beautiful location overlooks the Lake Michigan Shore in Wisconsin and was the design of Michigan architects Richard J. Bos, AIA and Barbara J. Bos, PA.  Grabill Windows and Doors was selected to obtain old growth/recovered wood to use in window and door products for this project.  It was then crucial to find just the right lumber. Grabill's President, Greg Grabill, traveled to Les Gueydan Lumber in New Orleans to select wood for the project.  The ancient sinker cypress logs that were selected had been recovered from rivers and swamps in both Louisiana and Florida.  This wood was likely cut in the 1800's from virgin forests that were over 600 years old.  The timber is very dense with tight growth rings that increase the woods durability to that of teak.  When the logs sink in the rivers or swamps they are preserved as they age and with a little drying time they become an eco-friendly green building lumber of choice.  Upon Grabills receipt of the shipment of lumber, the project team started to sticker the wood.   Although it had been drying for several years in Louisiana, the northern air was less humid.  After another 5 months of drying in Michigan, the vacation homes windows were under construction.  The first floor of the house contained 72 single hung windows and 29 transoms.  The second floor had 96 windows that included casements in both operable and fixed, transoms, arched, round and oval units.  Grabill also provided 13 doors ranging from panel doors, to 10 lite double doors, to 4 lite singles entries.   This project really encompassed a wide range of the craftsmanship and design abilities Grabill Windows and Doors can provide their clients.  With the current interest in sustainable and energy efficient windows and doors, this particular product is certainly worth looking in to. 
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Product Info: Aluminum Clad Direct Set Windows

Grabill’s custom aluminum clad window systems have the ability to fully integrate fixed and operable windows, as well as doors, into a single frame detail.  Where an operable unit is not desired, our massive window frames can support large expanses of glass that are perfect for great room windows or commercial use. Grabill's aluminum clad units offer narrow site lines and can be easily incorporated into an industrial or living space. This design flexibility allows the designer to take advantage of grand views and incorporate multiple units integrated with operable windows and doors using a common mullion. The direct set windows allow for bent glass and butt glaze corners and are also available in all-wood or bronze clad.  Grabill products offer higher energy efficiency than typical aluminum systems and the wood interior window frames offer expanded design choices.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Finest Genuine Mahogany Windows and Doors


If you are looking for old world craftsmanship with state of the art have to see Grabill's genuine mahogany windows and doors. Grabill Windows and Doors is know for their superior, high quality, efficient products, and this is certainly no exception. Grabill has incorporated mahogany in their architectural windows for years while creating masterpieces for many of the most spectacular homes across the country. Genuine mahogany windows encompass a wide range of styles including; direct set and corner butt glazed oversized windows, out-swing casements, and historical double hung windows. Custom mahogany doors or lift and slide entry systems can be incorporated into the design as well. To complete the look Grabill uses solid bronze hardware with their own hand-rubbed and custom finishes.

Grabill Windows and Doors Joins the Local Business Alliance

The women of Grabill Windows and Doors are taking some time away from their business of manufacturing architectural wood windows and doors to be part of a local womens group.  Partner and CFO Teresa Grabill and Office Manager Tammy Pepper recently joined the Almont Women Business Owners Alliance created by the Almont Downtown Development Authority and Tri County Bank.  The ladies were invited to attend as Grabill Windows and Doors is one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Almont and unique to the area with their custom wood or clad window and door creations.  The CFO and Office Manager will join other local business owners or managers to network and share ideas, education opportunities and to create a forum for women to help other women.  The group hopes to be involved with local career days, mentoring and donations for local womens shelters.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Avalanche Windows

Grabill is currently working on the final phases of a project in the midwest that incorporates Avalanche Windows into the design.  These windows and doors will be as strong as the structure and can withstand the extreme conditions found in the mountain regions.

Avalanche Window glass is built to pressure and impact standards higher than the most stringent hurricane codes.  Through reinforced sash and impact rated window and door hardware, we are able to ensure that the glass is held tight in the unit.  Where units come together, Grabill has designed a unique system of integrating and concealing structural steel that maintains clean lines and the all-wood beauty.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Historical Restoration Project

This historic boarding house was built around 1870 in Menlo Park, New Jersey and was one of the first to be wired for electrical light by Thomas Edison during the pubic lighting demonstration of December 1879. One of the earliest buildings moved to the historic Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan honoring Edison. Fire broke out in the Sarah Jordan House on January 5, 2009. With fire and extensive smoke damage, there were great efforts to restore the boarding house before the reopening of Greenfield Village on April 15, 2009.

Grabill restored and replicated to its original condition single hung windows with weight and pulley balances, crown moulding, beveled siding, soffet brackets and shutters to exact detail.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Highlight: Folding Doors

Grabill’s premium quality exterior folding door systems accommodate multiple panels for large expanses, creating a truly seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. When closed, these precision engineered doors create a formidable barrier against the elements. Door panel configurations are as specified with in-swing or out-swing operation. Folding doors are available in wood, aluminum clad and bronze-clad.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Asian Inspired Tea House

Asian Inspired Tea House

Beautiful Asian inspired retreat. Detailed simulated divided lite design fabricated with authentic silk screen material for exterior and interior applications. Genuine Mahogany transoms, round fixed windows and traditional Japanese Shoji lift & slide exterior doors and interior pocket doors. Custom round shower window clad interior wood exterior with inner glass mini lights. 

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Architect: Gibson/Darr
Japanese Shoji Lift & Slide Exterior Doors
Custom Round Fixed Window 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grabill Recognized for Historical Restoration Project - Denver, CO

Historical Steel Building

Grabill continues to do historical restorations with the most recent being the landmark preservation of downtown Denver’s Steel building, now known as the Sage Building. Grabill was able to recreate modern energy-efficient pivot windows that work exactly as they did in 1923. Replica awning and double hung windows were also included. Solid bronze pivot hardware was recast for authenticity.

This project has since won the Silver Hard Hat Award for outstanding restoration / renovation project as noted in the October 8th issue of Colorado Construction.

Steel Building (Grabill Windows)

Replica Pivot Windows
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Product Highlight: Tilt-Turn Windows

Our contemporary styled, multi-function tilt-turn window is operated by a single lever. This allows the window to swing in like a door for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. It can also tilt in at the top for indirect ventilation. Our stainless steel multi-point hardware system ensures a tight seal while providing additional security and increased sash stability for oversized units.

Tilt-Turn Windows are available in solid wood, with the option of aluminum and bronze cladding.

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Eco-Choice Windows by Grabill

Eco-Choice Windows are a perfect solution for architects and builders looking for sustainable options. By simply specifying Eco-Choice Windows you are assured the product has been researched and designed to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) criteria.

For years, we at Grabill Windows & Doors have been committed to making high performance Architectural windows that meet and exceed Energy Star ratings for efficiency. We take it one step further with the newly introduced, Eco-Choice window. This window can be constructed of solid wood or aluminum clad.

Through research, design, development and testing Grabill has standardized a “green” window built with sustainable, low emitting and recycled materials. The Eco-Choice window materials include FSC certified lumber, hardware and aluminum fabricated with high post consumer content, and low VOC glues and finishes.

As with all Grabill products, using regional suppliers when ever possible saves energy costs and puts money back into the local economy. Projects that are within 500 miles of Grabill earn additional LEED® credits as well.

Grabill Window products are built with integrity and built to last. Our high standards of traditional craftsmanship, integrity and service are evident in the Eco-Choice window.

For additional information on the Eco-Choice window, and credits fulfilled with Grabill Products, please visit: Grabill Green.  For more information on Grabill products, please visit or email