Monday, September 15, 2014

Mid Century Modern Home with Custom Bronze Clad Windows and Doors

Mid Century Modern

Custom bronze clad lift and slide doors are the focal point of this Mid Century Modern home.  The abundance of light and the large glass panels open up the interior and bring the outdoors in.  This residence also features a custom all wood interior bi-folding door.  The multi panel door can also be fabricated for exterior use.  For more information on Grabill Windows and Doors, please visit us online or call us directly at 810-798-2817.


  1. This looks really nice! I like the idea of having the wood bi-fold doors on the inside with the bronze on the outside. It's good to know that the doors can be manufactured to be used on the exterior of a house. I like the idea of being able to open an entire room up to the outside.

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