Monday, February 10, 2014

Custom Site Built Windows

DesRosier Architects

One of the many options available with Grabill Windows and Doors, is to have your custom windows site built.   This allows for integration of massive pieces of glass that are glazed in the field.  During the manufacturing process, the Grabill factory team fabricates the components while maintaining exact precision and joinery.  This allows for precise assembly in house, followed by disassembly prior to shipping.  Upon delivery at the site,  the Grabill factory works closely with the expert craftsmen in the field to ensure exact placement of the glass in the frames. Our factory certified field tech is also available to be onsite to provide guidance, direction and overall assistance with the final configuration of the site built windows. For more information on Grabill Windows and Doors, please visit us online or call us directly at 810-798-2817. 

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