Friday, December 2, 2011

Contemporary corner operable window


Grabill worked closely with Anthony Moss Design on this project to develop this corner unit.  Dual operating sash with a clear opening was the design intent.  Grabill engineered this unit to include a flush bolt and latch for optimal security and energy efficiency.  Six windows like this will be manufactured for this project, all made of Sapele with aluminum clad exterior.  Unique to this project is the use of black painted Coraflon as the exterior finish.  Often when Grabill uses aluminum, the cladding is anodized.  This is just one of the many options available on these custom products. 


In total, Grabill will be manufacturing 35 custom windows and doors for this Lake Michigan home.  Also included in the project is a trackless countertop sliding window that allows a pass through from the kitchen to the outdoor space.  Grabill design possibilities are endless and we enjoy creating these exclusive units that make each project distinct.  As this project nears completion, more information will be posted.  For additional information on other Grabill products, please visit our website.


  1. Looking at the pictures, it seems that corner window is built with calculated precision. That's the spirit, guys! It would be great to see how the window looks when it's finally finished.

    Herb Koguchi

  2. Each window is custom built to the most precise specifications. We will be sure to post the finished installed product!

  3. Lovely pictures look awesome Thanks For Sharing..

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    1. Thank you for post! We will continue to share what we are doing here at Grabill!

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